Autumn insights

Our resident horticulturalist shares seasonal tips and some interesting facts about the oldest tress too…


Some of the world’s oldest living trees far outlive our human heroes:

– Bristlecone Pine, in the USA is a staggering 5066 years old.

– Patagonian Cypress in Chile is 3645 years old.

– European Olive in Portugal, 3350 years old.

– Giant sequoia in the USA is a mere 3200 in comparison!


Some of our oldest known living trees here in the Cape are the Camphor trees in Vergelegen Estate and the Cellars Hohenort grove, both are similar ages of about 280 years. In comparison, the youngsters are in Kirstenbosch!


Seasonal insights…

While you are busy trying to sleep with the mozzies giving it a full acoustic assault on your ears, try one or more of these remedies to help with your problem.

Firstly look for the reason they are there, water nearby?

Then plant peppermint, basil, lavender, lemon balm, thyme, catnip, lemon grass, rosemary, garlic and marigolds. Most of these are easy to grow and can be used as culinary delights as well as repellants.

As Autumn begins, check out the nurseries for bulbs, and prepare your tubs/planters with new fresh compost and bonemeal. Sparaxis, Ranunculas and Freesias are good ones to go with.

Work in compost and bonemeal in the beds now to give your new beds a chance. as the drought will have depleted some of the micro-nutrients.

Check out sweet pea seeds and purchase the low ones or the climbers. Soak the seeds first for a day or so, before sowing as this splits the skin and makes it easier for the root to set.


Happy gardening!