Our resident horticulturalist, Niall, is bananas about bananas!

“Not only are they great for you (loaded with potassium and vitamins), but they’re just as great for your garden too.”

  • Even their skin is rich in potassium, so chop up some peels and drop them in a bucket of water. Leave it for a few days, until the peels have fermented a little, and then use this mixture in your flower beds – it will assist flowers to bloom beautifully.
  • Place the peels, inside facing up, into trenches being planted up, this will assist the rooting process to get going.
  • Want to get rid of fruit flies? Chop up some peels and place them into a yoghurt or ice cream container, punch some holes in the lid, and place apple cider vinegar with the peels, covering them. The scent will attract the fruit flies, who will then fly in and drown.
  • If your plants are looking a little worse for wear, bury a little smashed banana under their roots, this will assist them in the healing process.
  • To really kick-start your compost bin, throw in a few handfuls of banana skins.