The Bike Park at Uitsig continues to grow in popularity and in appeal amongst families. With new routes and a cycle sky bridge under construction, landscaping for the entire area has begun too – planting water-wise, indigenous vegetation that will at once protect the banks and create a lush, green aesthetic for visitors.

In addition, early in the new year, the Bike Park Barn will be completed, offering much-needed storage space.

Cape-based landscaper, Marijke Honig is responsible for greening the Bike Park.

In her own words, “We’re landscaping the park with broad bands of indigenous grasses and restios. The winding tracks and ramps are quite sculptural, so the planting has been kept deliberately simple and structured.

To offset the restios we have planted groups of Leucadendrons (cone bushes) – two very special, rare and endangered species in particular – L.floridum and L.levisanus. Both of these species were once common on the Cape Flats but are now very rare, occurring only as a few populations on the Peninsula

Ld. levisanus occurs in lowland fynbos, and would have been common all over the Cape Flats in moist areas. Possibly also in lower Tokai forest  – which is just a stone’s throw from Uitsig!

The tracks will be watered daily to keep them moist and firm for cycling. Fortunately, the chosen plant species can handle these conditions.

To retain good visibility (of cyclists and children), a small form of Elegia tectorum called ‘Fish Hoek’ was chosen, as well as Arrow grass (Aristida junciformis). Taller plants will be planted in areas were visibility is not critical.

There will also be a few big drifts of wild dagga (Leonotis leonurus) which will be abuzz with sunbirds when in flower.”