What’s up at Uitsig?

Niall and Jill McKrill have recently joined our Uitsig team. Together, they’re set to transform the landscape into a wonderland of indigenous flora. “We’re up to the task and very excited about the work we have lined up ahead,” says Niall. “It’s really exciting getting to create something from scratch… watch this space!”

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What’s up at Uitsig: February 2016

Harvests, healthy water systems and hanepoot grapes… here’s what we’ve been up to. We’ve almost completed our harvest, and by all accounts, it’s been a very successful one. Beginning over a month ago with Chardonnay for our MCC, we have just finished picking our white varietals and will be picking our Merlot grapes soon...

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What’s up at Uitsig: December 2015

December has been a great month at Uitsig, take a closer look at what we’ve been up to. On Tuesday the 8th, we celebrated the launch of our 5-star Semillon with a handful of Inner Circle members, wine makers from the valley and friends in the wine fraternity. A great send-off for the year, and a toast to the great things to come...

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