Seeing Stars

This past weekend saw the unveiling of John Platter’s 2018 Wine Guide. And once again, we’re delighted with the ratings bestowed on Constantia Uitsig, as well as our Valley at large. In the words of our friends from Port2Port: “The (Platter’s) Guide is to South African Wine, what Lonely Planet [...]

Growing People

At Constania Uitsig, we grow grapes and make wine, but we’re just as committed to growing and investing in our people too. That’s why we’ve just unveiled the Uitsig Family Barn… it’s a space for our staff to feel at home and unwind when not hard at work in [...]

What’s up at Uitsig

What’s happening at Uitsig? The real question is, what’s not happing at Uitsig? Our winery continues to get better and better, and soon. We’re looking forward to welcoming the 2018 harvest into this beauty....

Unwind with Unwooded

Looking for something a bit different to pair with the warmer weather? With the splash of the swimming pool or the salty spray from the sea this summer? Sauvignon Blanc has become synonymous with hot days and long lunches, but unwooded Chardonnays offer a luscious alternative...

What’s up at Uitsig?

  Just as expected, in early September we celebrated the first signs of Spring in the form of tiny Semillon buds shyly unfurling on long-dormant vines. Since then, every vineyard block has begun to follow suit.   Although still some months away, our next harvest is a much-anticipated one, as [...]

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Birds of a feather

BIRDS OF A FEATHER Winter is over. The sun is shining. And it’s a long weekend in ode of Heritage Day. There’s never been a better excuse to bust out your braai tongs and toast to the good days ahead and our collective heritage behind us. In honour of just [...]

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Green tips

Green tips Our resident horticulturalist Niall shares his tried-and-tested tips for the season ahead… “Spring is in the air – all the allergies, sniffy noses, and red eyes are fairly good indicators that things are happening to the trees and flowers around us. Now we need to get going with [...]

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In the spotlight

In the spotlight This month, acclaimed Master of Wine, Tim Atkin met some of our wines as well as our winemaker, Jacques. The result? An impressive 3 Constantia Uitsig wines were given his highest stamp of approval… ratings in the enviable 90’s!   Constantia Uitsig Semillon 2015 – 92 points [...]

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The red that’s still turning heads

Some things in life are worth the wait… and Constantia Uitsig’s Red Horizon 2013 is one such example. Having spent over a year in one of just 65 barrels before being bottled and hidden in the cellar for double that amount of time, Red Horizon 2013 is a shade darker than its sold-out predecessor, and the differences don’t stop there.

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Bananas about bananas

Our resident horticulturalist, Niall, is bananas about bananas! “Not only are they great for you (loaded with potassium and vitamins), but they’re just as great for your garden too.” Even their skin is rich in potassium, so chop up some peels and drop them in a bucket of water. Leave [...]

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All about herbs

Our resident horticulturalist, Niall is nothing if not a pragmatist. So whilst pottering around his own garden, Niall reflected on what he could eat and enjoy from his patch of earth... "I decided to see what I could eat and use medicinally out of my little patch." Thankfully, the medicinal [...]

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Coffee 101

In a city brimming with fine coffee roasters, Rosetta Roastery is one of the finest. With an almost cult-like following and a close-to-religious zeal for their craft, Rosetta has quickly amassed an impressive line-up of awards... To name just a few - they've been listed on the List of Top 25 Cafes [...]

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Winter’s best whites

Three is a charm. Especially when it comes to incredible white wines that pair beautifully with winter fare. Our much-loved Chardonnay Reserve 2014 is made from our very best hand-picked, first-press Chardonnay and was awarded an enviable 4 and a half stars in John Platter. Prepare for a fresh and complex [...]

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What’s up at Uitsig?

On the farm, we've been busy uprooting old, sick vines and planting new ones, installing the trellis on young vines, and finishing the sowing of our cover crops. The rains are a bit late, so along with the rest of the drought-stricken Cape, we’re praying more comes soon. Open Door's [...]

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What’s up at Uitsig?

A wonderful thing about being surrounded by vineyards is the unsentimental, unceasing and yet truly exquisite way the passing of time is observed. The flourish and leaping greens of summer, almost overnight, give way to burnt orange, rusty red and brown leaves...

Winter Whites

Who can deny the lure of a good red on a cold day? As temperatures begin to dip, thoughts of warmer food and rich red wines begin to sound oh-so-good… But you’d be crazy to disregard all white wines until warmer weather surfaces again. Here’s why, and which wines to reach for…

One resolution to rule them all

Already abandoned your ambitious list of resolutions? Here’s a really simple one that’s bound to make you better: drink more water. Our bodies are composed of roughly 60% water. That means that when we’re dehydrated (and most of us constantly are) we’re affecting the performance of the majority of our body...

Save Water – Drink Wine!

Five great reasons to raise your glass and toast to all the water you’re saving by drinking wine. Here’s to a healthy heart: It’s long been acknowledged that red-wine tannins contain procyanidins, which protect against heart disease. But new research...

What’s up at Uitsig

We’re committed to environmentally considerate farming practices at Uitsig. To this end, we try to use natural forms of pest control, like this clever little contraption. Filled with hundred of insect eggs, these natural predators will help to keep our grapes healthy, naturally.

Everything but the kitchen sink

Now that your knees are wearing out after all that weeding, here are some handy tips on how to bring out the best in your garden using the leftovers in your kitchen!

Introducing Unwooded Chardonnay 2015

Spring has sprung, and so has our new vintage. The newest addition to your cellar is finally here. Introducing Constantia Uitsig's Unwooded Chardonnay 2015 – the only unwooded Chardonnay in the Constantia Wine Valley.


Thanks to The Bike Park and Open Door Restaurant, Constantia Uitsig is quickly becoming the place for families to visit if they’re wanting to share in some healthy outdoor adventure and then enjoy a fantastic brunch or lunch, complete with panoramic views of the mountain range.

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What’s up at Uitsig?

Niall and Jill McKrill have recently joined our Uitsig team. Together, they’re set to transform the landscape into a wonderland of indigenous flora. “We’re up to the task and very excited about the work we have lined up ahead,” says Niall. “It’s really exciting getting to create something from scratch… watch this space!”


Inspired by our very own Muscat (made from the only red hanepoot grapes in our valley, and the 2nd oldest in the country), here’s a fresh take on an age-old favourite, Rum & Raisin Ice Cream. Our version is as easy to make as it is tasty… requiring no fancy ice cream makers or unnecessary stirs along the way. Enjoy!

LIKE RIDING A BICYCLE… by Kirsten Wilkins

I’m not sure if I subscribe to the often-asked dualistic question posed about recreational cycling. Road or Mountain? What kind of cyclist are you? The best response I have mustered is a reframing of the question in a way that seeks to draw together our band of pedal turning crazies…

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Introducing Natura Vista 2014

The long-awaited launch of our 5-star white blend is here. And as Jacques, AJ and I discovered, it’s well worth the wait. Natura Vista, meaning ‘Nature’s View’ is the new name of Constantia Uitsig’s renowned Constantia White Blend. It’s a subtle nod to the farm’s natural beauty and its historic name (which was ‘Constantia View’ from 1885 until 1941). Back into the present, savoring a glass of Natura Vista 2014, is itself a sight and sensory delight to behold…

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Jamie’s perfect pork loin roast and Brenda’s apple chutney

In our humble and hungry opinions, nothing would compliment Uitsig’s new 5-star white blend this winter quite like a perfectly roasted pork loin. You might have your own family recipe, but as always, Jamie Oliver offers a refreshingly new take on an age-old classic. We dare you to watch his 5-minute tutorial and then not stick a pork loin in the oven faster than you can say ‘cracking crackling!’

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Sumptuous Starters

In celebration of our new Sauvignon Blanc 2015, we settled on a surprising array of starter options that would pair beautifully. Constantia Uitsig’s Sauvignon Blanc 2015 could find no better companion than beside this sexy starter from Uitsig’s own resident restaurant. Gin cured swordfish with avocado puree, green olive beignet, and radish and celery salad.

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What’s up at Uitsig: February 2016

Harvests, healthy water systems and hanepoot grapes… here’s what we’ve been up to. We’ve almost completed our harvest, and by all accounts, it’s been a very successful one. Beginning over a month ago with Chardonnay for our MCC, we have just finished picking our white varietals and will be picking our Merlot grapes soon...

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Clean and Green

Household cleaning products are filled with scary chemicals and ingredients you can't even pronounce. Yet eco-friendly, homemade concoctions can leave your house sparkling and your wallet smiling. From window cleaners to grout whiteners, here’s our list of green cleaning machines…

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Really Sticky Resolutions

It’s almost the end of January. And if statistics and personal experience are anything to go by, most of us optimistic souls that began the year with noble resolutions have already forsaken them. In fact, according to a Forbes article, 1 in 3 will have ditched their resolutions before we even hit February!

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Five Stars Three Wishes

It’s the beginning of a brand new year. The festive season is freshly behind us, and in its wake, Jacques, Neil and myself are sitting in Open Door reflecting on the year that’s past and the year ahead. Having freshly explored the idea of resolutions and how to make them stick (see this post), I asked each of my companions if they had any personal goals in mind. It turns out we’re all aiming to do life a little differently (and way more philosophically) this year…

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What’s up at Uitsig: December 2015

December has been a great month at Uitsig, take a closer look at what we’ve been up to. On Tuesday the 8th, we celebrated the launch of our 5-star Semillon with a handful of Inner Circle members, wine makers from the valley and friends in the wine fraternity. A great send-off for the year, and a toast to the great things to come...

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Dreaming of a white Christmas?

We can live without the cold and snow at this time of year, but there’s another kind of white this Christmas that really makes the season a memorable one. Here’s a line-up of our favourite whites, with festive discounts thrown in too. Last-minute gift ideas never looked so good nor stress-free!

The Ultimate Summer Starter: Smoked salmon with clementines

Compliments of the imitable Jamie Oliver, here’s a super-fresh and yet stylish starter that would positively soar with our 2012 MCC. The citrus notes, the subtle smokey undertones and the surprise twist of pepper will find no better companion than a chilled glass of Uitsig’s bubbly.

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Water-wise gardening

It’s summertime and although the living is easy, the water is scarce. Living in the fairest Cape, we’re not as impacted by water shortages as the rest of the country, but all South Africans have been urged to save as much water as we can. So with no further ado, here are our top tips to make sure your garden stays green and your conscience stays clean.

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Pear, Pancetta, Pecan and Pecorino Salad

In pursuit of the perfect partner for our crisp Sauvignon Blanc 2014, we looked for a salad that was fresh, fruit-driven, yet not sharp or pungent (with overbearing vinaigrettes or strong cheeses). This salad, from celebrated Canadian blogger, Jennifer of Seasons and Suppers, fit the bill perfectly.

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Sauvignon Blanc in the spotlight

The Constantia Valley is not only famous for being the oldest wine-producing region in the entire southern hemisphere, it’s also become synonymous with really, really good white wines. The cool breezes from the Atlantic, relatively mild winters and sandstone-rich inclines all play their part in consistently ensuring that Constantia stays on the world map of preeminent whites.

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Better, bigger, Greener

The Bike Park at Uitsig continues to grow in popularity and in appeal amongst families. With new routes and a cycle sky bridge under construction, landscaping for the entire area has begun too - planting water-wise, indigenous vegetation that will at once protect the banks and create a lush, green aesthetic for visitors.

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What’s up at Uitsig: September 2015

Spring has been a great month at Uitsig, take a closer look at what we’ve been up to. To celebrate the arrival of Spring, and the release of our MCC 2012 vintage, we invited our Inner Circle members to be the first to taste our bubbles. The Constantia Valley Mountain Bike Series kicked off at Uitsig on the 26th of September. Consisting of 3 consecutive legs over 3 consecutive Saturdays, it’s proving to be a great addition to the local mountain biking scene...

Create your own compost

From five-star meals to five-star mulch… in this post, we show you how to cook up your own compost. At Uitisg, we’re committed to being as gentle on the environment as we possibly can. We take this philosophy into everything we do – from the best way to dispose of harmful old building materials (like asbestos), to the most natural ways to look after our vines and gardens. Here are our top tips to creating the best compost for your own garden.

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Chardonnay meets its perfect match

This month, we decided to pair our classical Chardonnay with an equally elegant main course. But before we reveal our dish of choice, let’s first raise our glass to a wine that has spent 11 months hidden in French Oak barrels, then another 10 months resting in cellars before finally revealing itself to the waiting world…

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What to pair with Red Horizon 2012

Before winter really packs its wet, windy belongings and leaves our valley until 2016, we thought we’d give it an honorary send-off by tasting Constantia Uitsig’s Red Horizon 2012 and choosing a fitting dish to serve with it. Awarded a prestigious four-star rating by John Platter, Uitsig’s Red Horizon 2012 isn’t bad at any time of year, but it’s never better than when enjoyed next to a crackling fire in the dead of winter. When we met for our tasting, the fire at Open Door greeted us, as did well-dressed, pressed linen napkins in the shape of dinner jackets...

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Tagine of Lamb with Prunes

Like Morocco, a tagine holds a certain element of mystery and mystique. Infusing the most complex of flavours, tender meats and vegetables in a fine balance of sweet and savoury – a good tagine is not simply another dish. It’s a magic carpet ride to distant lands. While the tagine pot promotes the perfect cooking conditions (steaming and baking the food at the same time), if you don’t own one, a casserole dish with a lid will still work...

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How to Prune Your Life

We’ve been pruning the vines at Uitsig and as we’ve watched the old, dry shoots being clipped away, making way for more abundant times ahead, we’ve thought about our own lives too. So quickly, they can become full full full of activities, stuff, stresses, and more stuff. Like the unpruned plant that bolts and whose growth is obvious and yet obviously unbeneficial – what if some pruning is required in our lives from time to time?

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The Art of Pruning

Pruning is definitely one of the most, if not the most, important tasks in the vineyard. And it’s what we’ve been doing over the past few weeks at Uitsig. Largely responsible for determining the size and quality of the next year’s harvest, the lignified shoots that have lost all their leaves are cut back to a specific length with a specific number of buds, from which new shoots will emerge in the early spring.

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Birds of a feather

There’ve been a fair amount of changes around Uitsig, but one thing that hasn’t changed, is the farm’s affinity with birds. Having featured on Uitsig’s old logo, Constantia Uitsig’s new logo and wine labels again pay homage to the farm and surrounding area’s feathered inhabitants. Fine Artist, Andrew Barlow, illustrated the pictures, and chatting with him, I discovered more about why he was the perfect choice to collaborate with. Having illustrated birds for the ‘Roberts Birds of Southern Africa’ collection, he explains,

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What’s Up At Uitsig: July 2015

A number of new developments, events and great initiatives have been underway at Constantia Uitsig. Here are some of the latest activities we’ve been up to on the farm. In each instance, we’ve aimed to use green building practices that are energy efficient, resource efficient and environmentally responsible.

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A Five Star Special

Sign up to be part of Uitsig’s Inner Circle and you’ll enjoy 10% off all wines in our Wine Shop, plus monthly news, reviews, recipes, invites to members-only events and exclusive promotions on our wine. What's more, only Inner Circle members can benefit from our last-of-winter special: Buy any 6 bottles at our wine shop and receive a complimentary bottle of our much-loved Red Horizon 2012.

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Dreaming of a White Winter

Amid the hectic lead up to Neil opening Uitsig’s new restaurant and Jacques’ first busy month as resident winemaker – both still found time to meet together with Carlo (Uitsig’s Brand Ambassador) and myself at Open Door for our first (and certainly not last) wine tasting and food pairing session. The inaugural wine in the spotlight: a crisp bottle of Constantia Uitsig’s 2013 white blend.

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