Pan roasted quail breast with millet, pecan nuts, sultanas and burnt orange emulsion – serves 4

8 x quail breast

50gr fine salt

500ml cold water

Dissolve the salt in the cold water, place the breast in the salt water for 45min

Rinse and pat dry


Millet, pecan nuts and sultana

200gr millet

50gr pecan nuts – chopped

50gr sultanas – chopped

25gr unsalted butter

Pinch of salt

Place the millet in a medium pot, cover with cold water and cook until soft, drain and rinse with cold water

In a frying melt the butter and fry the pecan nuts and sultanas, until the nuts are lightly toasted

Keep until later use


Burnt orange emulsion

250ml orange juice

50ml white wine vinegar

25ml water

250ml cream

50gr butter

Pinch of salt

Place the juice, white wine vinegar and water in a small pot and reduce by half

Add the cream and reduce again, in a separate pot brown the butter and add into the reduction, season with salt, poor into a container and place in fridge to set.


To serve

In a small pot add the millet, pecan nut and sultana mixture, mix through on a medium heat add 50ml cream and season with salt

Heat a frying pan, add a small amount of oil and place the quail breast skin side down, cook for 1 min turn them around and remove from heat, season with salt

In a small bowl, spoon some of the millet mixture, place 2 quail breast on top and a small scoop of the orange emulsion garnish with fresh herbs


Download the recipe card here