Reflecting on the 2017 harvest, it seems it was an outstanding one for most vineyards in the Cape. Our winemaker, Jacques, agrees.

“Cool and dry conditions provide the optimal weather for producing optimal wines. The slow build-up to last summer was ideal, followed by a relatively mild season (with only a few extremely hot days). Added to this, our estate benefits from the regular fresh South Easter winds that help to cool the vineyards off and keep them dry.”

Although too early to really taste any of our 2017 wines, Sauvignon Blanc is an early indicator of the overall quality of the harvest. To this end, Jacques’ eyes sparkle as he recounts its already-evident qualities…

“It has an incredible finish and concentration, possessing high natural acidity and balanced, ripe fruit at the same time.”

In other news, the construction of our very own winery and tasting facility is well under way. We’re looking forward to welcoming you and our 2018 harvest into our 5-star building sometime next year. Watch this space!