You may not live in a chateau or have a climate-controlled cellar to store your wine in, but take heart, these are first-world problems we’re happy to help you navigate around. In fact, there are some surprisingly simple ways to ensure your wine gets better and better with age. Our top three tips are below…


1. Consistency is the new cool

You may think you have the ideal place for a wine rack, but if it’s anywhere prone to temperature fluctuation, you’d be mistaken. Rather than looking for the coolest spot in your home, look for the place that has the most consistently cool temperature. The cooler the wine is kept, the longer it should keep and the slower it will age. The ideal wine storage temperature is between 10 and 15 °C, but no great harm will come to wine stored between 15 and 20 °C so long as the temperature does not fluctuate too dramatically.


2. Lights off

Direct sunlight and wine are not friends. Strong light can adversely affect the taste of wine, particularly sparkling wine, and particularly if the bottles are made from clear or pale glass. This is why wine is sold increasingly in almost black bottles, and why champagne and sparkling wine is often wrapped in tissue paper.


3. Kick your wine out of the kitchen

Contrary to many a kitchen designer, the very worst place to store wine is by a cooker or on top of a fridge where there are frequent blasts of hot air. Temperatures higher than 21 °C will age a wine too quickly, whilst 30 °C temperatures can actually boil off the wine’s more volatile compounds, resulting in flat aromas and flavors. Keeping your wine away from fluctuating temperatures and heat means kicking it out of the kitchen, and incidentally, away from the laundry and your fireplace too.

After you’ve found the ideal spot in your home, Wine Master and Woollies wine guru, Allan Mullins, has one last tip to share with you…


“When you find a wine that you really enjoy and that has ageing potential, buy a decent amount of it, so that you can enjoy some now, and then again in a year, five years and perhaps even ten.”


With this in mind, and knowing the great potential for longevity in our wines, coupled with their tendency to sell out, best you hurry to our wine shop or online shop before it’s too late.