What’s up at Uitsig?

Niall and Jill McKrill have recently joined our Uitsig team. Together, they’re set to transform the landscape into a wonderland of indigenous flora. “We’re up to the task and very excited about the work we have lined up ahead,” says Niall. “It’s really exciting getting to create something from scratch… watch this space!”

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Five Stars Three Wishes

It’s the beginning of a brand new year. The festive season is freshly behind us, and in its wake, Jacques, Neil and myself are sitting in Open Door reflecting on the year that’s past and the year ahead. Having freshly explored the idea of resolutions and how to make them stick (see this post), I asked each of my companions if they had any personal goals in mind. It turns out we’re all aiming to do life a little differently (and way more philosophically) this year…

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What’s up at Uitsig: December 2015

December has been a great month at Uitsig, take a closer look at what we’ve been up to. On Tuesday the 8th, we celebrated the launch of our 5-star Semillon with a handful of Inner Circle members, wine makers from the valley and friends in the wine fraternity. A great send-off for the year, and a toast to the great things to come...

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What’s up at Uitsig: September 2015

Spring has been a great month at Uitsig, take a closer look at what we’ve been up to. To celebrate the arrival of Spring, and the release of our MCC 2012 vintage, we invited our Inner Circle members to be the first to taste our bubbles. The Constantia Valley Mountain Bike Series kicked off at Uitsig on the 26th of September. Consisting of 3 consecutive legs over 3 consecutive Saturdays, it’s proving to be a great addition to the local mountain biking scene...

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