Pairing Pasta

When it comes to successfully pairing pasta with red wine, the trick is to ignore the pasta and pay attention to the sauce. Whether you choose linguine, spaghetti, or zoodles as your base - pasta is simply a canvas to deliver the accompanying ingredients.

2017-12-05T09:15:13+02:00Apr 21st, 2016|Food Pairings|

What’s up at Uitsig: September 2015

Spring has been a great month at Uitsig, take a closer look at what we’ve been up to. To celebrate the arrival of Spring, and the release of our MCC 2012 vintage, we invited our Inner Circle members to be the first to taste our bubbles. The Constantia Valley Mountain Bike Series kicked off at Uitsig on the 26th of September. Consisting of 3 consecutive legs over 3 consecutive Saturdays, it’s proving to be a great addition to the local mountain biking scene...

2017-12-05T09:15:19+02:00Sep 29th, 2015|What's up at Uitsig|

What to pair with Red Horizon 2012

Before winter really packs its wet, windy belongings and leaves our valley until 2016, we thought we’d give it an honorary send-off by tasting Constantia Uitsig’s Red Horizon 2012 and choosing a fitting dish to serve with it. Awarded a prestigious four-star rating by John Platter, Uitsig’s Red Horizon 2012 isn’t bad at any time of year, but it’s never better than when enjoyed next to a crackling fire in the dead of winter. When we met for our tasting, the fire at Open Door greeted us, as did well-dressed, pressed linen napkins in the shape of dinner jackets...

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