Jamie’s perfect pork loin roast and Brenda’s apple chutney

In our humble and hungry opinions, nothing would compliment Uitsig’s new 5-star white blend this winter quite like a perfectly roasted pork loin. You might have your own family recipe, but as always, Jamie Oliver offers a refreshingly new take on an age-old classic. We dare you to watch his 5-minute tutorial and then not stick a pork loin in the oven faster than you can say ‘cracking crackling!’

2017-12-05T09:15:12+02:00Jun 28th, 2016|Food Pairings|

How to Prune Your Life

We’ve been pruning the vines at Uitsig and as we’ve watched the old, dry shoots being clipped away, making way for more abundant times ahead, we’ve thought about our own lives too. So quickly, they can become full full full of activities, stuff, stresses, and more stuff. Like the unpruned plant that bolts and whose growth is obvious and yet obviously unbeneficial – what if some pruning is required in our lives from time to time?

2017-12-05T09:14:46+02:00Aug 20th, 2015|News|