Seeing Stars

This past weekend saw the unveiling of John Platter’s 2018 Wine Guide. And once again, we’re delighted with the ratings bestowed on Constantia Uitsig, as well as our Valley at large. In the words of our friends from Port2Port: “The (Platter’s) Guide is to South African Wine, what Lonely Planet is to travel.” Indeed, in [...]

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Introducing Natura Vista 2014

The long-awaited launch of our 5-star white blend is here. And as Jacques, AJ and I discovered, it’s well worth the wait. Natura Vista, meaning ‘Nature’s View’ is the new name of Constantia Uitsig’s renowned Constantia White Blend. It’s a subtle nod to the farm’s natural beauty and its historic name (which was ‘Constantia View’ from 1885 until 1941). Back into the present, savoring a glass of Natura Vista 2014, is itself a sight and sensory delight to behold…

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Stellar cellar secrets

You may not live in a chateau or have a climate-controlled cellar to store your wine in, but take heart, these are first-world problems we’re happy to help you navigate around. In fact, there are some surprisingly simple ways to ensure your wine gets better and better with age. Our top three tips are below…

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