It’s no secret that the Constantia Valley, with its crisp Atlantic breezes and sandstone-rich soils, is home to some of the country’s greatest white wines. Constantia Uitsig’s just-launched Sauvignon Blanc 2015 is by no means an exception – striking just the right balance between complexity and compatibility.




As Neil, Jacques and myself sat swirling our pale gold in oversized glasses, an exotic line-up of descriptors littered the conversation…

Pineapple, passion fruit, pine nettles, lime and liquorice. Subtle, but not shy. Full. Fresh. Balanced.

A slightly more traditional Sauvignon Blanc than its predecessor, there is an archetypal freshly cut grass and green pepper element on the nose, accompanied and followed through by a fresh lime undertone that lends a balanced acidity to the wine.

Picked just before the big fires last year, only the first run-off juice is used, which is then cold fermented at 12-14°C before spending a further 5 months on its lees in steel tanks. A further 6 months in the bottle allows this wine to really settle into itself before we release it to the public.

So what would pair well with Uitsig’s Sauvignon Blanc 2015? For once, we battle to settle on just one option. The balanced acidity, the fruit and rich mouthfeel all add up to a versatile ‘blanc’ canvas that could pair well with countless savoury suitors. Here’s a list of five suggestions for starters

In the meantime, be sure to pop into our wine shop and pick up a bottle of Uitsig’s Sauvignon Blanc 2015.