Some things in life are worth the wait… and Constantia Uitsig’s Red Horizon 2013 is one such example.

Having spent over a year in one of just 65 barrels before being bottled and hidden in the cellar for double that amount of time, Red Horizon 2013 is a shade darker than its sold-out predecessor, and the differences don’t stop there.

Aromatic, light and elegant, it’s a very different Bordeaux blend from previous vintages. In the past, Constantia Uitsig’s red blends have been primarily Merlot-driven, but this vinatge switches to a dominant Cabernet Sauvignon style (69% Cab Sav, 22% Merlot and 9% Cab Franc).

That’s the beauty of ever-popular Bordeaux blends – the percentage of each grape used in the blend can vary depending on what’s best for that particular vintage.

Possessing more concentrated fruits as a result of more Cabernet Sauvignon, there are notes of plum, purple flowers and black cherry on the nose. And despite its time in French oak, wood is only just detectable, giving way to a zesty interplay of fruits, complimented by the subtle presence of mint and eucalyptus.

Thanks again to the Cabernet Sauvignon influence, it’s a full-bodied and beautifully layered wine, with no single flavour or varietal playing an overly dominant role.

So before the weather warms up significantly, why not make a few more toasts to winter – with a wine that’s just perfect for it.

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