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Looking for something a bit different to pair with the warmer weather? With the splash of the swimming pool or the salty spray from the sea this summer? Sauvignon Blanc has become synonymous with hot days and long lunches, but unwooded Chardonnays offer a luscious alternative...

Nov 7th, 2017|News, The Tasting Sessions|

Some things in life are worth the wait… and Constantia Uitsig’s Red Horizon 2013 is one such example. Having spent over a year in one of just 65 barrels before being bottled and hidden in the cellar for double that amount of time, Red Horizon 2013 is a shade darker than its sold-out predecessor, and the differences don’t stop there.

Jul 10th, 2017|News, The Tasting Sessions|

Who can deny the lure of a good red on a cold day? As temperatures begin to dip, thoughts of warmer food and rich red wines begin to sound oh-so-good… But you’d be crazy to disregard all white wines until warmer weather surfaces again. Here’s why, and which wines to reach for…

Apr 26th, 2017|Food Pairings, The Tasting Sessions|

With the end of the year in our sights, we’re raising our glasses of bubbly, and also, to bubbly. Not just because Constantia Uitsig’s new MCC 2013 is just as good as its sold-out predecessor, but because bubbly in and of itself is worth celebrating, any time of the year.

Dec 1st, 2016|The Tasting Sessions|