Who can deny the lure of a good red on a cold day? As temperatures begin to dip, thoughts of warmer food and rich red wines begin to sound oh-so-good…

But you’d be crazy to disregard all white wines until warmer weather surfaces again. Here’s why, and which wines to reach for…


In warmer weather, people tend to drink more, cooler climes offer the perfect times to rather sip and savour quality over quantity. On top of this, there are plenty of winter meals that could benefit from some crisp and full-bodied white wine character.

“Quality Chardonnays, Semillons, White Blends and Rieslings would suit a lot of winter fare,” says Uitsig’s winemaker Jacques du Plessis. “The acidity and ripe citrus notes of many white wines can both slice through and amplify the flavors.”

So as you push aside the salad and opt for more substantial fare, be sure to not also push aside the whites that hold their own in winter. From our own small stable, here’s what we recommend serving with our winter-friendly whites…

Natura Vista 2014 

Pair with: Baked, grilled or pan-fried white fish in a lime and herb butter sauce, accompanied by warm green vegetables.

Semillon 2014

Pair with: Spicy Asian-style pork chops, alongside stir-fried vegetables.

Reserve Chardonnay 2014

Pair with: A creamy mushroom or chicken risotto.